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Apr 10, 2022
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A landing page is a stand-alone web page that website visitors land on after clicking on a link for an offer or a call to action (CTA). Here is a sample conversion quote landing page from our client Sheffield Metals International: Sheffield Metals Lead Capture Form Example Landing pages are a great place to host forms because they easily explain the value of the offer while removing all distractions, such as links and navigation. Make the value of filling out lead capture forms easy to understand Speaking of value, it’s considered a lead generation best practice if a customer provides you with information in exchange for your offer, including information about what the customer can expect—whether it’s a free ebook, buyer’s guide, or a checklist. Include industry mailing list that quickly communicates what the prospect is getting, which you can accomplish in the title or even in the listing. For example, a case study published by TechCrunch explained that after an A/B test, lead generation company China Expat Health changed its title, "Health Insurance in China" to "Save up to 32% on your health," Increased conversion rate by 79% for Chinese insurance. " In the second example, the value of filling out the form is clear - if you share some information with us, we'll help you save up to 32% on your health insurance. Short, sweet and clear! Add a video next to the form When consumers have to fill out a form in exchange for content, most are wary of giving out their personal information because they're not sure what you'll do with it. Do you send them lots of sales calls and marketing emails?


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